TGJ2O/TGJ3O - Unit Three


Stop Motion Assignment

Stop-motion animation is basically THE ORIGINAL animation technique. The idea of taking a series of stills (drawings, photos), and watching them in sequence as a nineteenth century toy or as a flip book predates ALL animated films that you see today.

For this assignment, you can use people or any materials you like: found objects, puppets, clay, people, paper, cars, plants, your pets, string, drawings, paintings, food, hair, a newspaper, or dirt, etc. Your "main characters" can be completely abstract objects, patterns or visuals, they can be puppets with personalities, or they can be things from your everyday life. Animate whatever you think would be really FUN and interesting to watch it MOVE in creative and wild ways!

Assignment / RubricUnit_3_(3O)_files/STOP%20MOTION%20ANIMATION_AssignmentRubric.pdf

Examples of stop motion:

You can search the internet for many examples of stop motion, here are a few of my favourites:

Joy of Books


Moleskin Bags

Sorry I’m Late